Solutions designed with you, for your community. 
Public Funds
You are entrusted with managing a public treasury. The entity you serve expects you to act in its best interest—which means you cannot compromise when it comes to protecting and effectively managing mission-critical funds. You need an investment manager who understands what is at stake and is willing to go above and beyond, with you and for you, all for the common good. It is a different way of doing business. But for us, it is the only way.

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Collaboration & Partnership

Our goal is to design an investment portfolio that is specifically built to align with your organization’s objectives and mission. That is why our investment process is centered around collaboration. This approach helps us gain a true understanding of the unique circumstances and needs of your entity before any investments are recommended or executed. Along the way we help you stay up to speed with opportunities, performance, and keep you informed about the current interest rate environment and capital markets.

Knowledge & Experience

We know that every public entity has unique investment needs and objectives. That is why our investment process begins with taking the time to understand your investment policy and return cash flow needs.

As a plan sponsor, you can delegate the management of your plan’s investment options to us, a qualified investment manager. By doing so, the investment manager becomes a 3(38) fiduciary and accepts fiduciary responsibility for the plan, relieving you of the burden and liability associated with selecting and monitoring investment options.
Operating Funds
Our team works with you, to not only streamline the investment process, but also develop custom strategies to efficiently manage day-to-day operating funds while also focusing on safety, liquidity, and yield.
Operating Funds

Meeder Public Funds looks at the entire financial picture of your entity to assess your cash flow needs and determine how to invest your operating funds portfolio, how much should be invested, how long you should invest, and whether your bank rates are competitive. Meeder monitors all permissible asset classes to make sure you are receiving as much value as possible from your portfolio. 


Meeder has access to over 100 brokers to give you full access to the markets, working to get you the best prices available. After the initial investment is implemented, we are committed to arranging regular meetings to discuss changes to the financial needs of your entity, changes to funding levels, and investment needs for new initiatives and projects on the horizon. 

Project Funds
We work with you and your construction manager to fully understand your infrastructure projects and then build a portfolio designed to meet your cash flow needs. Additional interest income can help bridge gaps in cost and allow for expansion of the project scope.
Project Funds

Meeder Public Funds understands that taking on a new building project can seem overwhelming. Between bidding out the project, hiring an architect, hiring a construction manager, evaluating cash flows, and figuring out what investments to purchase, investing project funds can quickly feel like a huge undertaking. 


Meeder helps simplify the investment process for you during this time of increased stress and workload, while helping you make the most of the taxpayer dollars with which you have been entrusted. We ease the burden on your organization by working with construction managers to understand each project’s cash flow requirements, design a custom portfolio built around project spends, conduct ongoing discussions around project status, and provide ongoing monitoring and adjustments to match changes to your spending schedule.

Consulting Services
Our team of highly trained investment consultants share independent intelligence on industry best practices and investment options, as well as assisting you with Banking Services RFPs and Custody Services RFPs.
Consulting Services

Meeder Public Funds offers investment management solutions in an advisory capacity to Treasurers and Fiscal Officers including providing an Outsourced CIO (Chief Investment Officer) role to public entities across the U.S. We partner with you to create an optimal investment program, including:


  • Investment Policy Review – Our team of legal and compliance experts review your investment policy to ensure it is in line with state law.


  • Cash Flow Review – Throughout the year, Meeder helps you determine the proper cash amount you should have invested compared with liquid cash.


  • Investment Strategy – Public entities gain access to a professional investment team that will strategically formulate an investment plan, including monitoring the interest rate environment and the spread between permissible asset classes.


  • Constant Communication – Formal investment policy and strategy meetings are held at your discretion and a minimum monthly cadence is recommended. The Meeder investment team hold regular discussions regarding day-to-day developments in the marketplace to inform your investment strategy.
  • Pension & Retirement Fund Management
    We serve as a consultant and investment advisor to retirement plan sponsors like you, providing solutions designed to help plan participants achieve more secure financial futures.
    Pension & Retirement Fund Management

    In today’s rapidly changing regulatory environment, effectively managing a retirement plan can be a formidable task for government and public entities. Plan sponsors have a duty to act prudently in all areas of a retirement plan—from evaluating, selecting and monitoring service providers, to day-to-day plan administration and participant education and communication.


    Meeder Public Funds can ease the burden by becoming a 3(38) Fiduciary for your plan, as your qualified investment manager to select and monitor investment options. Gain confidence that the investment options you offer to plan participants are continually managed and monitored by highly trained investment professionals. 

    Administrative Services
    We offer fund accounting, transfer agency, distribution, and shareholder servicing to local government investment pools. Additionally, we assist you with any questions about the accounting of investments or GASB or GAAP accounting and reporting.
    Administrative Services

    Meeder Public Funds provides comprehensive administrative support to meet the ever-changing investment and liquidity needs of public entities including:


  • Execution of Trades - Meeder can expand your current broker network to help ensure best price execution.

  • Monthly Reporting and Review - Meeder offers access to the custody account to extract necessary information and provide a consolidated report for all funds, including customized reporting to meet your needs.

  • Credit Research -  Meeder can monitor corporate issuers in the marketplace and recommend specific issuers that meet permissible requirements under the law.

  • Banking and Custody - When you need to establish a new Banking or Custody relationship, Meeder assists through the process.

  • Compliance Monitoring - Applying our robust compliance suite, we can provide solutions to support compliance rule-building, testing and maintenance, customizable reporting, and a complete audit history.
  • Who We Serve
    If you serve the people who serve our communities, we serve you. Meeder is proud to be among the top providers of investment funds in the public sector nationwide, providing treasury solutions, retirement and pension plans, and more to the citizens and institutions who deserve our very best. 
    • State & Local Government
    • Higher Education
    • Healthcare
    • Transportation
    • K-12 Schools
    • Public Power
    • Environmental Utilities
    • Special District Management
    • State Revolving Funds
    • Sports, Leisure, and Culture
    • Housing Authorities
    • Endowments & Foundations
    • Charitable Organizations
    Investment Policy
    We review and assess your entity’s investment policy to ensure our recommendations align with your strategy.
    Cash Flow Analysis
    We perform an analysis of your future cash flow needs so we can prepare to help optimize your investment portfolio.
    Economic Outlook
    We prepare to build a portfolio positioned for a changing marketplace, economic state, and interest rate environment.
    Portfolio Construction
    We create a custom investment strategy based on your objectives, cash flow needs, and current market environment.
    Communication and Support
    We partner for ongoing investment policy and strategy reviews and deliver timely performance monitoring and updates.
    The Meeder Difference
    Meeder understands the specialized requirements that set public entities apart. Our expertise can streamline and simplify the investment process to help you reach your investment goals.
    Holistic View
    We look at your entire financial picture to understand your entity’s unique situation.
    Portfolios are built to fit your needs and the needs of the organization and people you serve.
    Investment Management
    Markets change and your strategy should too. We’re here to help you actively manage it all. 
    Research Analysis
    We build a relationship with you that’s meant to last, with regular meetings to discuss changes to your public funds investment portfolio.
    Ongoing Partnership
    We work with you and for you to enhance and streamline your treasury’s investment process and direction for the long term.