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With You
Life is complicated. Whether you are seeking financial solutions for yourself, your business, or your constituents, you need an ally—a partner who works alongside you and understands what is at stake. Together, we will help you connect the dots and plan your financial life, keeping you informed and empowered.
Why Meeder

We have successfully navigated market cycles with clients for nearly five decades and through nearly every type of market environment. Our time-tested experience has driven our deep understanding of the importance of taking a holistic approach to managing investments. We believe in a multi-faceted approach utilizing multiple factors impacting the markets. We implement this approach through numerous channels to help you achieve your unique investment goals.

2023 Key Financial Data

See the figures impacting your financial planning this year.

Nearly half a century of managing investments means we have seen just about every type of market environment. We understand how to help you anticipate what lies ahead for smart investing opportunities. 
Public entities, institutions, financial advisors and individual investors like you have trusted our team with more than $45 billion in assets under advisement as of December 31, 2021.
When working with Meeder you will be able to access the collective knowledge of over 125 dedicated associates on our investment, service and distribution teams. 
Meeder History
When Robert Meeder Sr. founded the firm nearly 50 years ago, he did it with you in mind. Even then, he believed clients deserved better solutions and better outcomes for their unique wealth planning and investment goals.
Since 1974, we’ve been committed to delivering on that principle—providing individuals, public entities, and financial advisors with customizable, highly-tactical Defensive Equity strategies. We’ve grown our team and capabilities to offer you an expanded suite of investment solutions, including mutual funds, investment portfolios, separately managed accounts, and cash management solutions. 

Whoever you are, whomever you serve, wherever you’re going—we’re here. With you and for you, step for step, no matter what. We always have been. And we always will be.
Solutions designed with advisors, for advisors.
Advisor Consulting

You are passionate about your business and clients. Building your financial advisory practice may be as demanding as it is rewarding. The success of your practice is a top priority for you and for Meeder Advisor Consulting—we are here to serve as your trusted partner. 

At Meeder, we understand it can be challenging to balance research and regulatory demands with exploring new ways to grow your financial advisory practice and serve your clients. Consider us your ally, your business development partner. We work alongside you with insights, life cycle investment solutions, and ongoing collaboration to help you grow a thriving, reputable practice.

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Turnkey & Customized Solutions

Mutual Funds


Retirement Plan Services

Separately Managed Accounts

Public & Private Institutions

Investment Consulting

Collaboration & Partnership

When you outsource portfolio construction to Meeder, your requirements will guide the long-term success of our partnership. Our team is committed to bringing you the full resources of our firm. We help you build scale and provide efficiency through business development support, research, and timely advice. We create customized investment strategies and solutions designed to innovate and grow your practice, often working against rigorous regulatory needs.

Investment Philosophy

Meeder utilizes a multi-disciplined, multi-factor approach to portfolio construction. Our models are constructed to incorporate a weight-of-the-evidence approach, relying on multiple disciplines such as trend and momentum factors, together with macroeconomic sentiment, valuation, and fundamental indicators. We combine these disciplines for a more holistic approach that seeks to improve investor outcomes.

Solutions and Services
Tactical Allocation | Drive with Meeder
Since 1974, Meeder has been helping investors mitigate investor emotions through a quantitative investment process which allows for a repeatable and efficient method of achieving long-term appreciation.
Tactical Allocation | Drive with Meeder
The Meeder Investment Positioning System (IPS) guides the investment process for certain Meeder Funds.

Just as a navigation system or GPS operates in a vehicle, Meeder IPS is designed to help investors get to their destination with less risk and greater confidence. Using a proprietary, model-driven, multi-discipline, multi-factor approach, Meeder IPS constantly monitors investment opportunities and risk and suggests a favorable route based on current market conditions.

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Each day, Meeder analyzes and ranks over 70 different factors from our short, intermediate, and long-term models. The dynamic statistical model incorporates factors covering macroeconomic, fundamental, trends and technical analysis to estimate the potential reward and marketplace risk of the equity markets. The Meeder Spectrum, Muirfield, Balanced, Moderate Allocation, and Conservative Allocation funds utilize this strategy for the Defensive Equity portion of their portfolios. The Defensive Equity Strategy guides the allocation of each fund’s equity sleeve and the actual proportion of equity investments in any fund will vary depending on the investment objectives of the fund.

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Funds and Portfolios
Meeder offers many unique investment products in a variety of different distribution methods to help implement our investment management solutions.
Funds and Portfolios
Investment Solutions
Meeder offers many unique investment products in a variety of different distribution methods to help implement our investment management solutions.

Holistic Approach
Meeder utilizes a multi-disciplined, multi-factor approach to portfolio construction, which distinguishes us from most managers in the marketplace. Our models are constructed to incorporate a "weight of the evidence" approach, relying on multiple disciplines such as trend and momentum factors, together with macroeconomic, sentiment, valuation, and fundamental indicators. When considered individually, each of these approaches are valid and have produced solid results over time but can often be out of sync with each other and the market. Therefore, we incorporate components from each of these disciplines for a more holistic approach.

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Investment Portfolios
Our Investment Portfolios are constructed using Meeder Funds. Core strategies are designed to complement one another to achieve client objectives and combine our Growth, Defensive Equity, and Fixed Income strategies.

Meeder's asset allocation portfolios provide clients with access to tactically managed, diversified portfolios in a simple, turn-key solution. Clients investing in our portfolios gain access to our team of experienced portfolio managers who actively manage the underlying investments to align each portfolio with its objectives.
Private Wealth
Personalized solutions tailored to an investor's unique objectives.​
Private Wealth

Meeder offers personalized solutions tailored to investors’ unique objectives. Backed by nearly 50 years of investment expertise, Meeder Private Wealth portfolios optimize investing in four ways:


1. Portfolio Customization
Build portfolios to match unique goals and objectives
Separate portfolio for each client

2. Tax Management
Actively manage and maximize after-tax wealth
Harvest losses to create tax asset

3. Risk Management
Manage account in harmony with total household
Diversify risks in and outside current portfolio

4. Investment Management
Experienced and deep portfolio management team
No proprietary products


To learn more about Private Wealth Management, click here to visit our page.

Retirement Plan Services
Grow your retirement plan business and meet clients’ needs with customized and holistic retirement plan services.
Retirement Plan Services

Meeder Retirement

Meeder has been committed to the needs of retirement plans and participants since our firm opened in 1974.

Our first clients were small retirement plans and we continue to work with those groups today both individually and alongside financial advisors. Additionally, we have expanded our capabilities to include large retirement plans and solutions to help retirement plan sponsors meet their fiduciary obligations.

The retirement plans services team:

  • Provides industry expertise to assist with decision making
  • Offers comprehensive managed account investment solutions
  • Helps trustees craft their best fitting plan
  • Strives to keep participants appropriately invested
  • Consults with clients regularly on fiduciary responsibility
  • Offers enrollment and education assistance
  • Meeder Edge | Investment Consulting​
    Curated services which allow you to leverage our holistic, time-tested approach to investment management and our nearly 50 years of investment experience to work for you.
    Meeder Edge | Investment Consulting​

    Meeder Edge Investment Consulting - your partner in providing scalable and efficient solutions to elevate your business.

    In an Environment of Change
    Competing in today's ever-changing and challenging environment is not easy. The challenges you face as a financial advisor are increasing every day.

  • Higher levels of commoditization
  • Low-cost or no-cost products
  • Heavier and more intrusive regulations
  • Expensive research, development, and personnel costs
  • Continued market volatility at home and abroad

  • A New Type of Partnership
    We structure our consulting solutions around you and your clients ensuring that you are involved every step of the way. When you leverage Meeder's expertise, you benefit from a long-term partnership as your advisor team's requirements guide the way to:

  • Build scale and provide efficiency
  • Provide business development support, research, and timely advice
  • Create a unique set of investment strategies and solutions
  • Deliver institutional asset management

    Services and Support Offerings

  • Comprehensive current model analysis
  • Current vs recommended approach
  • Questionnaire and initial consultation
  • Portfolio model recommendation and analytics
  • Investment policy statement
  • Oversight of models
  • Initial on-site meeting at Meeder home office
  • Customized marketing material
  • Portfolio fact cards and model analytics
  • Trade recommendations and watch list
  • Investment committee meeting and portfolio review
  • Market commentaries and marketing support
  • Approach
    Through a comprehensive consulting and inquiry process, we work with you to understand the opportunities and challenges in your business.
    A detailed proposal is created for you, based on you and your clients’ unique needs and includes a comparative analytical review of new vs. existing portfolios.
    Custom investment portfolios are developed to align with your investment clients’ needs under the research and guidance of our investment team.
    We assist with portfolio validation and deployment through your client base, with research and information to help you manage the progress.
    To help you be a reliable fiduciary of your clients’ assets, we provide timely and ongoing performance analysis by conducting investment analytics, portfolio reviews, due diligence and calls with our investment team.
    The Meeder Difference
    Each client has unique needs. Our rich history of success comes from our commitment to understanding these differences and creating solutions to solve them. Meeder’s flexible approach allows us to be nimble and provide the personalized service that each client needs as financial markets and circumstances evolve. We stand ready to help individuals, advisors, and institutions meet the complexities of today to provide better outcomes tomorrow. 
    Customized Solutions
    Our partnered financial advisors benefit from a rigorous and disciplined approach that applies strategies and solutions are aligned with their unique needs and client base. Advisor relationships are embraced and supported via a 5-step expert consultative process comprising: Discovery, Diagnosis, Design, Deploy, and Deliver.
    Holistic Strategy
    Financial advisor partners gain access to a spectrum of custom designed investment products comprising tactical funds and portfolios, using a variety of distribution methods. Solutions include tactical risk-based, strategic ETF, and tactical age-based as well as Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) and retirement plans.
    Investment Management
    Meeder’s partners benefit from an efficient and data-driven investment consulting process that includes portfolio comparison analysis, model oversight, Meeder Investment Positioning System (IPS) creation and monitoring, portfolio analytics, and trade recommendations.