Managed Accounts
Managing money takes years of training and experience. Without education, it is unrealistic to believe that the majority of participants will be able to wade through a long list of investment options and choose the one that works best for their specific situation.

We make it simple.

We offer participants two professionally managed solutions‒Risk-Based Portfolios and Age-Based Portfolios. While we encourage participants to do their own research and stay informed, our experienced portfolio managers handle the investment decision making and rebalancing. We create these portfolios using stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs.

Risk-Based Portfolios
Risk-Based Portfolios allow participants to invest their retirement plan assets based on their specific risk tolerance and investment objectives. Our Investor Profile Questionnaire can help participants determine the portfolio that may be right for them. If their risk tolerance or investment objectives change, participants can select a different portfolio at any time.

Age-Based Portfolios
Participants select a portfolio option based on their current age. Over time, Meeder will automatically move participant assets to a more conservative portfolio as they grow closer to their retirement age.

Fiduciary Services

In today’s rapidly changing regulatory environment, effectively managing a retirement plan can be a formidable task for fiduciaries. Plan Sponsors have a duty to act prudently in all areas of a retirement plan—from the evaluation, selection and monitoring of service providers to day-to-day plan administration. One of the most difficult tasks for a plan sponsor is choosing and managing the investment options offered to participants. Many plan sponsors recognize they don’t have the time or expertise to fulfill their fiduciary role, and seek support from experienced investment professionals. Meeder offers fiduciary services to meet the unique needs of plan sponsors and participants.

As a 3(38) Investment Manager, our services include:

  • Investment Policy Statement outlining the investment management process
  • Initial core fund line-up, providing:
  • A broad range of asset classes
  • Active and passive investments
  • Target-Date Funds
  • Managed Account Portfolios
  • Ongoing fund monitoring
  • Quarterly monitoring reports
  • Facilitation of fund replacements when deemed prudent
  • Advanced notice to plan sponsor of recommended fund changes

Advisory & Consulting Services
Below identifies the broad range of capabilities that we offer as part of our customizable retirement solution set:

Plan Governance:

  • Assistance in developing investment oversight committee - including defining committee member roles and responsibilities and draft of committee charter
  • Formalize and document the process for Plan committee meetings, decision making and record retention
  • ERISA 404(c) compliance consulting
  • Annual Retirement Plan Compliance Checklist
  • Establish and document Plan investment objectives with Investment Policy Statement preparation, adoption and ongoing review
  • Assist in the selection and monitoring of the default investment option (QDIA)
  • General plan risk management assistance

Plan Monitoring and Reporting

  • Investment menu consultation including asset classes and investment style selection as well as mapping analysis
  • Development of investment monitoring criteria
  • Continuously monitor investment options and provide reports for fiduciary compliance files
  • Investment option watch list maintenance and change recommendations
  • Trustee/Investment Committee meeting with meeting minute preparation
  • Assistance in evaluating specific investment options including (but not limited to) target-date funds (with glide path evaluation) and stable value funds

Benchmarking Support

  • Plan expense and service provider compensation benchmarking
  • Service provider evaluation and benchmarking analyses
  • Assistance in reviewing 404(a)(5) and 408(b)(2) disclosure documents
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