Meeder Private Wealth—the optimal solution for investors
At Meeder, we have been helping investors improve their investment outcomes for more than 45 years. Private Wealth Management is a customized separate account portfolio that is engineered for each client’s personal goals with a focus on risk management, investment selection, and tax efficiency.


»  No "one size fits all" approach

» Portfolio built to the client's goals and objectives


» Manage around concentrated positions

» Exclude stocks, sectors or industries


» Transparent and unbiased approach

» Deep and experienced investment team

» No proprietary investments


» Tax loss harvesting and gain deferral

» Ongoing tax management

» Maximize after-tax wealth

Investment Insights
The Meeder Difference
Our seasoned investment team builds portfolios around each client’s unique investment goals and objectives. With a thorough understanding of the client, we tailor the portfolio to their market and risk parameters. Within the custom equity allocation, clients have the ability to exclude certain stocks or sectors, as well as manage around concentrated positions. The personalized portfolio ensures the client has a solution truly built for them.
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Meeder Private Wealth


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Meeder Private Wealth Management

Income Solutions

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Meeder Private Wealth

Scenarios and Solutions

Scenarios and Solutions

Meeder Private Wealth Management

Custom Separate Accounts

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Educational Resources

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Opportunity in Tax-Exempt

Municipal Bonds

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 Tax Preparation


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Negative Interest Rates 

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Understanding Risks During Retirement

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