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Log In FAQs
I already have my new log in info
You will not need to re-register every time you visit the site. When you have changed your user ID and password, go back to the main log-in screen and enter your new username and password. Click "Log in", and you will see your account information.
I need to get my new log in info

If using this new site for the first time, you will need to change your User Name and Password.

To create your new User Name and Password, click on “Create New User” (it is a link) below the red "Log-in" box.

You will need your:

  • Account number
  • Social security number, no dashes
  • Zip code
  • New user name

Read through the "Terms of Use" and at the end (if you agree), click "I agree", then click the "Next" button. You should now be able to see your personal account information.

Which kind of account do I have?
Meeder Funds account holders should log-in under "Meeder Funds Accounts" and Retirement Plan account holders should log in under 401(k) Accounts.

Not sure what kind of account you have?

If you invest directly with Meeder Funds®:
Click the Meeder Funds® Account log in button above.

If you your account is through a company's 401(k) plan:
Click one of the employer participant log in buttons under the "Retirement Plans" section above.
I filled out the info for a new log in, now what do I do?
Scroll down past the Terms of Use, and click "I Agree" (if you agree to the terms). When the screen refreshes, go to the bottom of the screen and click "Next". That will take you to your account screen.
E-Delivery FAQs
What is E-Delivery?
e-Delivery are a secure, electronic way to receive shareholder statements from Meeder Funds using the Internet.

You can access up to 7 years of your statements online anytime. e-Delivery offers an efficient, easy-to-use and fast service at no cost to you. With e-Delivery you can view current and past statements online, print and save shareholder statements, and communicate with Shareholder Services.
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