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Wealth Management
When it comes to managing your money, you shouldn’t have to go it alone. You deserve a go-to advocate—one you can trust to guide you to unique solutions you need for the future you want for your family or business. We journey with you through today’s concerns all the way to tomorrow’s goals through personalized, comprehensive financial planning that puts you first every step of the way.

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“I've been a Meeder Wealth Management client for several years. I've entrusted Mike Saraullo and the Meeder team to develop and execute my family's financial strategy. I'm highly impressed with Meeder's talent and technology, and I trust in their ability to navigate our complex and uncertain world. Although Meeder is talented and technically capable, my relationship with Mike Saraullo and the people of the Meeder team is most important to me. I know I'm one of many clients, but I'm treated like I'm the only one they have."
Matthew Coy

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Individual Services
Financial Planning
Get where you want to go with a holistic financial plan that aligns with your outlook and values, and pivots with your journey. Your adviser works with you to plan for retirement, save for college, manage risks, plan your estate and more.
Financial Planning

To get from where you are now to where you want to go financially, you need a plan. Your advisor will teach you to adopt a holistic view of your needs and help you identify the best pathways forward. Together, you’ll develop a customized, comprehensive financial plan that leverages both Meeder insights and industry leading tools to help you navigate retirement and college savings, risk management, and even distribution of your estate when the time comes.


  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement
  • College Savings
  • Retirement Income Distribution
  • Investment Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Estate Planning
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    Investment Management
    Find the right investments for you and build an actively managed portfolio to help grow and protect your assets. Your wealth management adviser prioritizes your objectives, reviews your time horizon and risk tolerance, and selects and actively manages your investment portfolio.
    Investment Management
    Investment planning involves far more than just picking and choosing investments. We work with you to help identify and prioritize your goals and objectives, as well as review your time horizon and risk tolerance, to make sure your portfolio is properly designed. We then determine what allocation of strategic and tactical investment management may be appropriate for your individual situation. Finally, we determine which investment vehicles should be used as we create your portfolio.

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    Private Wealth
    Meeder Private Wealth portfolios help optimize outcomes using Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) which offer comprehensive customization, risk management and tax-advantaged benefits.
    Private Wealth

    Meeder Private Wealth Management creates personalized portfolios that align with the goals and objectives of affluent investors. As an investment concierge, our advisors work with individuals and families to create a deliver a custom-made portfolio designed for each unique situation.


    Meeder’s concierge approach provides Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) that are flexible, tax-efficient, and personalized to match each investor’s life stage, values, and plans.

    Learn more about how Meeder’s Private Wealth portfolios bring personalized solutions for your life’s journey.

    Institutional Services
    Corporate Investment Solutions
    Be ready for a dynamic market environment with comprehensive, customized and actively managed investment portfolios that align with your policies and cash flow needs.
    Corporate Investment Solutions

    Meeder Investment Management provides solutions for corporate and institutional investment programs that offer the detailed expertise, scale and sophistication to uphold your organization’s specialized vision and target outcomes. We can assist with building a comprehensive investment portfolio including:


  • Operating Funds - Our team works with you to not only streamline the investment process, but also develop custom strategies to efficiently manage day-to-day operating funds while adhering to the three principles of safety, liquidity, and yield.
  • Project Funds - We work with you to fully understand your project and then build a portfolio designed to meet the unique liquidity needs of the project. Additional interest income can help bridge gaps in cost or allow for expansion of the project scope.

  • Consulting Services - Our team of highly trained financial advisers share independent intelligence on industry best practices and investment options. 

  • Pension and Retirement Fund Management - Meeder Investment Management has served as a consultant and 3(38) investment advisor to retirement plan sponsors, providing solutions designed to help plan participants achieve a more secure financial future.

  • Government Insured Deposit Program -  GIDP enables participants to fully insure cash balances up to $25 million per tax ID through a network of carefully selected FDIC-insured banks via a single, convenient account. GIDP offers attractive yields with no market or credit risk, and penalty-free withdrawals every business day. 

  • Custom Portfolio Management - We provide customized separate account portfolios that are designed to achieve your goals with a focus on risk management, investment selection, and tax efficiency. 

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    Government Insured Deposit Program
    Meeder enables you to fully insure cash balances up to $25 million per tax ID through a network of carefully selected and thoroughly vetted FDIC-insured banks. You gain the potential for attractive yields—with limited market or credit risk –and penalty-free withdrawals every business day.
    Government Insured Deposit Program

    GIDP enables participants to fully insure cash balances up to $25 million per tax ID through a network of carefully selected FDIC-insured banks via a single, convenient account. GIDP offers attractive yields with no market or credit risk, and penalty-free withdrawals every business day.


    GIDP allows clients to deposit funds into a single, convenient account (“Account”), which in turn will be deposited through the FICA program into multiple banks so the amounts that a single client has on deposit in any single bank through GIDP will never exceed the FDIC insurance amount as set by the FDIC. 


    GIDP is designed for clients to deposit funds in a fully FDIC-insured bank deposit program that offers a competitive yield and the ability to withdraw funds daily. The program provides access to hundreds of carefully-screened banks via a single, convenient Account.


    GIDP is not a mutual fund or pooled account; instead, each Account is a separately managed account in which the client directly owns the bank deposits made on its behalf. There is a $250,000 minimum initial deposit required to open an Account with the Meeder GIDP program. There is no minimum amount required for subsequent deposits or balances. The maximum total deposit available per Account (per tax identification number) is $25 million; this amount is subject to change based on market or business conditions. All deposits must be in U.S. dollars.


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    Retirement Plan Solutions
    When your business is looking to create or upgrade its retirement plan, we can help. Investment selection and managed accounts meet the unique needs of plan sponsors and participants and provide fiduciary accountability.
    Retirement Plan Solutions

    Retirement plans for growing businesses are fraught with complications. You want to give your employees a way to accumulate wealth, while assuring that the complex maze of paperwork and compliance is covered.


    Consider it solved with retirement plans from Meeder for your company or institution. Turn to our investment professionals to create a unique plan that’s optimized for your business and helps improve employee retirement outcomes.


    Your Meeder Wealth Management team brings the expertise that small and midsize companies need for designing and managing retirement plans including 401(k)/403(b). As a 3(38) investment manager, we can direct and monitor your plan investments, minimize risk, and provide fiduciary accountability. Put our nearly 50 years of investment management success to work for you today.

    Learn more about Meeder’s retirement planning solutions assisting plan sponsors and employees at businesses and organizations.

    Understand & Evaluate
    We take time to get to know who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish, then create a customized plan for your unique financial situation.
    Define Your Solution
    Personalized solutions are created based on our proven strategies and risk-return potential—from conservative, to balanced and moderate growth, to aggressive growth.
    Once the appropriate solutions are determined for you or your business, our concierge services guide you through each step of the implementation process.
    Our monitoring process does not just reaffirm your original plan. It continually measures your results and adjusts investments to help ensure you stay on track.
    The Meeder Difference
    Our seasoned wealth management team tailors your portfolio around your goals, objectives, and risk preferences. We help invest and protect your assets, deliver strategies for wealth transfer and charitable giving, and collaborate with other members of your wealth management team—including CPAs and attorneys. Our nearly 50-year history of successfully navigating financial markets provides our wealth advisers with a unique perspective in managing your financial needs.

    Your unique and customized portfolio is designed to align with your outlook and pivot with your changing needs.

    Investment Management

    Meeder’s concierge approach embraces customized investment portfolios based on growth, defensive equity, and fixed income strategies. In addition, Private Wealth solutions provide Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) that are flexible, tax-efficient, and personalized to match your life stages, values, and plans.

    Ongoing Partnership

    As your trusted advocate, we build a lasting relationship with you, including leading regular meetings to discuss changes to the needs of your plan.

    Legal and Compliance
    Our highly qualified legal and compliance team stays at the forefront of the dynamic, changing regulatory environment to keep you protected.