Retirement Solutions

Managing money takes years of training and experience. Without education, it is unrealistic to believe that the majority of participants will be able to wade through a long list of investment options and choose the one that works best for their specific situation.

We make it simple.

We offer participants two professionally managed solutions‒Risk-Based Portfolios and Age-Based Portfolios. While we encourage participants to do their own research and stay informed, our experienced portfolio managers handle the investment decision making and rebalancing.


Benefits of professional money management:

Potential for improved returns. Professional money management is found to increase returns by 3.32% on average per year.*
Avoid emotional investing.
Follow a disciplined approach to portfolio management.
Active management in all environments.
Alleviate stress of investing on their own. 


 Plan Sponsors
More time to focus on day-to-day responsibilities
Add a co-fiduciary on managed accounts to strengthen and lower fiduciary responsibility.
Become a Fiduciary Safe Harbor plan without worrying about 404(c) requirements.
Offer participants a valuable solution at no cost to the plan.
Increase deferral rates and participation among participants who struggle with managing their own retirement assets.


Ability to offer clients a highly quantitative investment solution with a repeatable process and consistent returns.
Leverage the knowledge of our expert investment team.
More time to focus on client needs.
Assistance with education and enrollment meetings.


Risk-Based Portfolios

Risk-Based Portfolios allow participants to invest their retirement plan assets based on their specific risk tolerance and investment objectives. Our Investor Profile Questionnaire can help participants determine the portfolio that may be right for them. If their risk tolerance or investment objectives change, participants can select a different portfolio at any time.


Age-Based Portfolios

Participants select a portfolio option based on their current age. Over time, Meeder will automatically move participant assets to a more conservative portfolio as they grow closer to their retirement age.


ETF Portfolios

We also offer Risk-Based and Age-Based portfolios that invest in exchange traded funds (ETFs). Like mutual fund portfolios, our investment team actively manages ETF investments in an effort to align each portfolio with its target objective.


Retirement solutions provided by Meeder Asset Management, Inc. and Meeder Advisory Services, Inc., registered investment advisers and affiliates of Meeder Investment Management, Inc.

 Meeder's 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary services are provided pursuant to a services agreement between Meeder and the plan sponsor. Fiduciary services are subject to the terms, conditions and limitations set forth in the agreement.

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